FrUk Headcanons

England has mastered the art of pissing off France. France never bickers to this extent with anyone else. (But France doesn’t have to try to send England into one of his rants - it’s too easy.)

When forced to write in English, France uses American spellings for everything just to piss England off.

France can speak in a perfectly fine English accent, but he still talks with a French accent just to piss England off.

France’s biggest turn-on would be England speaking French.
Pity it’s never happened within his hearing range.

Whenever they fight, England always ends up drinking and crying with either America or Canada while France goes ranting to the other one.
Canada is a patient listener. America’s reaction every time is basically “cool story bro”.

Arthur always says he hates French, especially off of Francis’ lips. But only Francis knows he speaks perfect French, and during their most intimate moments (when no one else is around to hear it), Arthur gives him the pleasure of exclusively hearing him speak it, using it to whisper endearments and sweet little nothings because he knows that Francis finds this incredibly sexy! :>

Whenever England is angry, he gets into France’s clothes and ruins the most attractive shirt/suit he can find. Later, when he feels better, he apologizes by buying France a replacement.

England has PTSD. Sometimes when he hears thunder he gets thrown back into the Blitz. France is the only one who can bring him out of it. 

They both love the musical Les Misérables, and they will spend hours arguing over whether the English or the French version is better.

Francis’ love for himself is his way of compensating for his military losses, particularly against Arthur. The idea being that if he appears to be comfortable in his own skin and proud of who he is, no one will question him. The one person who he puts this façade on for the most, however, is the one person who challenges it. Arthur.